Our Process

From idea to excellence. We make sure that the process is easy, understandable, efficient and smooth for both ends.


The idea that you bring holds a great deal of importance in the success of each project. That is why we at Novatore solutions with our consultative approach nurture every idea that we come across and come up with the most feasible and efficient approach.

Analysis & Planning

Once the idea has been nurtured now comes the tricky part. The Business Analysts & Product Managers collaboratively analyze the idea based on the market trends and look for the best solutions against each requirement.

UI/UX Designs

Right after the analysis, the flow is finalized and the designer is assigned with the task of designing a mock-up of the application based on the requirements.


Once you approve of the Designs & Wireframes, the DevTeam will start with the front-end and back-end development simultaneously. Following the agile methodology, we shall share with the client the App after the completion of each sprint.

QA & Testing

We ensure the quality of each project by using a combination of testing methodologies and tools and ensure that your app is working the way it is intended to.

Launch & Deployment

Launch & Deployment Once the app has been tested both by the Product Owner and the QA, we move to the Launch where we ensure that we deploy the application using the best methods and practices.

We provide solutions that enable people to grow their business to the next level.

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    • We are a software development company that brings craftsmanship, productivity, strong individual values, and togetherness under one roof. Our professional team is well-equipped with all the latest digital tools and knowledge, which make it easy for us to innovate. In a world of noise, we establish a loud voice for your organization.

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