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Our Process

Exactly the same page of this website:

Note: The “contact us” part is as per our website and the color scheme is based on our theme.


Same like this website page: Once you will click any project it will open one another page so make all those pages as well the same for all projects/portfolios. Here one of the project detail page URL as an example:

                                                 ——————END HERE——————


Page: Dedicated IT Task Force

H1. Heading: Hire an Augmented Team of Professionals 

Description: We provide dedicated developers that work….till ecosystem.

(Below description we will add button with the name contact us and this page will then redirect to our contact us page in future)

H2. Design for bitsclan website and color scheme for The Hexaa website. (color black and background dark blue)

Here are the contant you can copy it easily:

“Clixusoft lays great emphasis on creating value for clients by strategically aligning them with our remote team, which specializes in providing flexible and highly skilled developers to work seamlessly with your team. If your need extends to a complete team, our development team is complemented by a high-quality assurance engineer and a senior project manager for the goal-oriented execution of your product. We at Clixusoft are well-versed in transformational and globalization challenges, positioning our Remote Resource Service as the pinnacle for software and IT companies worldwide.


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